The Power of Arguments – Claims Study

The Power of Public Adjusting: A Claim Study

The Case Study

  • Elite Resolutions delves into a detailed case study, underscoring the value of engaging a public adjuster right from the outset.
  • The importance of fostering positive relationships with insurance adjusters is also highlighted.

The Scenario:

  1. The client faced three distinct claims: a water leak in the master bathroom, mold presence in the kitchen, and an AC leak.
  2. Initially, there was some hesitation from the client to collaborate with Elite Resolutions.
  3. The insurance had allocated a mere $11,000 for the trio of claims, but Elite Resolutions assessed the damages to be considerably higher.
  4. After a series of discussions, the client gave the nod to work with Elite Resolutions.

The Negotiation:

  1. Elite Resolutions’ damage estimate hovered around the $100,000 mark, accounting for damages dispersed throughout the property.
  2. The insurance company posed challenges, particularly concerning the wood flooring that bore the brunt of the master bathroom leak.
  3. Due to the glaring oversight, Elite Resolutions took a firm stance, accusing the insurance adjuster of fraud.
  4. A seasoned adjuster was then roped in for a fresh re-inspection, paving the way for a more amicable negotiation process.
  5. From the initial $11,000, the claim was settled at an impressive $97,507.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE):

  • Elite Resolutions accentuated the significance of ALE, securing an added $26,900 for the client.
  • This was attributed to the client’s compromised living conditions, with no functional kitchen, master bathroom, or air conditioning during the claim’s duration.


  • Elite Resolutions reiterates the essence of mutual respect in the industry, as relationships can have a profound impact on claim outcomes.
  • Public adjusters are encouraged to be assertive in their advocacy and unwavering in their client representation.
  • The case study concludes with Elite Resolutions expressing contentment with the outcome and the client’s renewed faith in the public adjusting domain.

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